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moonymaniac's Journal

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Hmmm...well, I'm creating this mainly so I can talk about writing and all things Harry Potter. I'm an adult, though this might come as a surprise. I was born and raised in the deep South, left it for a while, but am back and plan to stay. Roll Tide, Roll! Though I live there no longer, I will always be a Bama girl!

I can't hear the song Sweet Home Alabama without acting a bit of a fool!

I am addicted to the Harry Potter Series; mainly I harbor an insane obsession with Remus Lupin.

Books I like: Harry Potter Series, LotR, The Hobbit, To Kill a Mockingbird, Watership Down, most things by David Morrell (the first I read, The Brotherhood of the Rose, has a Remus. How weird is that?), Tom Clancy (most)and Jane Eyre.

Movies: Rebecca, Star Wars (original trilogy), The Dream Team, To Kill a Mockingbird, While You Were Sleeping.

Music: Some of just about any style (though I don't really listen much) with the exception of Rap. Students at a school in Portsmouth, VA did a study on music's affects on the brain using mice and a maze. The mice that listened to classical went through the maze the fastest followed by ones with no music, then pop...the ones that listened to Rap ate each other. No joke! Anyway, I adore A Window to the Past, Buckbeak's Flight, and Hedwig's Theme from the PoA soundrack. I use them for inspiration to write my fanfiction.

Food: Lots, but sometimes I crave the ginger salad dressing at Shogun so badly I go all the way across town and buy it to go, and eat it with a spoon like soup (but I limit it to very small helpings).

Hobbies: Harry Potter fanfiction, walking, swimming (mainly watching it now), pottery on the wheel, and have recently become enthralled with banner making thanks to the BA at MNFF, but am such a novice (I did make a Sirius banner, te he) it would be impossible to join (maybe someday) *dreams*.